Mad Max coming to Linux & Mac PC’s 20 October 2016

Another good game coming to my favourite platform (Linux that is).

To put a different spin on a line from the latest Mad Max movie – ‘What a game, what a lovely game’. Now I cannot wait to get it running on my Linux powered PC.

For the 6 or maybe 7 people that do not know who ‘Mad Max’ is I will tell you. He is a fictional character. He’s a survivalist in a series of 4 movies (not to mention a comic book and 2 games which I the 1990 release only this one based on the 2015 release). All directed by the great George Miller and starred Mel Gibson as ‘Mad’ Max Rockatansky in 3 of them. Tom Hardy replaced him in the 2015 reboot.

Below is footage of some of the game play from last years E3.

Now I cannot wait for the 20th. I hope that there will be more great games coming for Linux in the future.

Listed below are the official system requirements for Mad Max from Feral Interactive.

OS – SteamOs or Ubuntu 16.04 or newer

Processor – Intel Core i5 3.4 ghz or AMD FX8350 3.4ghz or better.

RAM – 8gb

Graphics – A nVidia Geforce GTX 660 TI 2gb graphics card or better with proprietary driver version 367.35 (AMD cards will not be supported) or newer.

About 32 GB of storage on your hard drive.

For Macintosh:

OS – Mac OS X 10.11.6

Processor – Intel 3.2 GHz


Hard Disk – 35GB

Graphics – 2GB

Below is a statement from ‘Edwin’ who apparently works at Feral Interactive on why AMD cards are not supported.

Due to various issues with Mesa we will not be supporting AMD on release. We only can officially support drivers if they meet the quality needed and sadly Mesa isn’t quite there yet as it has a few issues and edge cases. It was a super close call but in the end we won’t say a game is officially supported unless it runs great using release versions of the drivers and kernel.

However we developed the game using AMD cards as well as Nvidia so if you install the latest Mesa beta drivers and other updates as needed it runs it’s just not at a level where we can provide official support as some edge cases will exist. Hopefully once all the Mesa developments get into a stable release version and all the related kernel improvements also are in a stable release then support for Mad Max and similar complex titles will be easier/possible.

Summary: AMD is unsupported meaning we don’t recommend you purchase it on AMD GPUs, however we have don a lot of work towards support which should happen once all the improvements to Mesa/Kernel are in stable branches.

That post can be found over  here.

As long as Feral brings the goods with a good quality port of a great game you cannot go wrong.


2 thoughts on “Mad Max coming to Linux & Mac PC’s 20 October 2016”

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