How to properly debunk Console Peasants.

In the past year or so I have watched many videos by people claiming to be ‘console gamers’ (or console peasants) touting their console to be the best on the market on the moment.

Xbox fans will always tout the Xbox. Playstation fans will tout for Playstation, and the Nintendiots will always tout for Nintendo.

And they will always make up facts and statistics about PC gaming and when presented with real facts and statistics they will deny it. They will ignore it. They will not even recognise them.


So here are some of the most common misconceptions that console fanboys always bring up about PC gaming:


  1. Consoles are cheaper than PC’s.

You can build or purchase a pc using either brand new low to mid-range parts that will match or exceed the performance of the current top selling consoles )excluding handheld) Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One S.

A Xbox one with 1 TB of storage will set you between $270 and $380 (depending on which game is included) with the Ps4 Pro being about $400 on

With that $380/400 price in mind you would need to add about $60 usd for a 1 year Xbox Live gold or Playstation Now subscription for online play.

I have selected the following components that will provide a superior performance (or higher FPS) at the same or better graphical fidelity in 99.9% of multi-platform games:

CPU = Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor = $59.48

Motherboard = MSI B150M BAZOOKA Micro ATX LGA1151 = $60 ($20 mail in rebate from NewEgg)

Ram = Crucial 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133 Memory = $55.45

Hard Drive = Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive = $39.99

Video Card = PNY GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB = $129.99($20 mail in rebate from NewEgg)

Case + PSU = Rosewill I3-397-BK MicroATX Mini Tower Case w/400W Power Supply = $34.99

Operating system = Windows 10 Home OEM = Between $25 to $30 depending on which greymarket reseller you use like Kinguin or G2A. Otherwise you can save this amount and just not activate the O.S license. Or install Linux.

The hardware will cost around $342 (with $40 discount for mail in rebates). For windows 10 $30 (if you choose to go that route). The rest on a headset, keyboard and mouse (about $28). There is your $400 PC. And since we don’t have to pay for any online subscription (on top of the internet subscription) for online play you can a couple of games for you to download on your pc.

This leads to my second point –

2. Putting together a pc is difficult

If you cannot complete one of these –

 then you wont be able to put together a PC. Putting a Pc together is just the exact same thing. In fact within a hour you can have the above pc built up and running (including having a OS installed). But if you really want to see how to put together a pc here below is a video of it:

And here is a video of a 5 year old kid putting one together:

Remember my most important rule when building. If it aint going in it’s going in the WRONG WAY!

3. Console versions of games are superior and crash less often than PC’s.

Game crashes happen on consoles to. In fact I have experienced more crashes starting and exiting games on my Xbox one than I have on my pc. Sure there are some games that are released very buggy but this is up to the DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER whether they want to fix or update the game.

Many games that were released buggy as hell also had the same issues on the console ports (still remember seeing Dragons flying backwards in Skyrim on both PC and PS3 during its initial release), and some companies may decide to pull the pc version from the digital and retail because it received so much flack because of the issues (last one I can think of was Batman Arkham Knight).

4. Consoles have the better selection of games.

If you were to take the amount of games that have been released for Pc (which has been around since 1980). That figure is probably in the region of 15-20 THOUSAND verses the couple hundred released for the consoles in this generation, <including those that were self-published>.

Also most console games tend to be either a sports game or a ‘3rd person action adventure with stealth elements’. PC’s tend to have a more diverse range of games as because of our superior inputs, we can have MMORPG’s <Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games>, MOBA’s <Massive Online Battle Arena’s>, Flight Simulators, strategy games, tower defence games, etc.

Although some of these have been ported to  console, their control systems had to be dumbed down for use on a standard controller.

Also if you want to play a old game on a new pc, it may just be as simple as starting up the game, and if any issues occur (due to age of the game) chances are there are ways and ‘unofficial’ patches made by fans of the old game that you want to play.

5. Game-pads are better than keyboard and mouse for games.

In some instances the game-pad is better (like fighting and driving games) but in others nothing beats a keyboard and mouse combo. Plus on PC you can use every single controller available to you <including Xbox one and PS4 controllers> and many games wont know the difference.

6. Online play much better and bigger than on console.

That is a big fat lie. I play on both console and PC and pc online is much better because I have all of the advantages <plus more> of that of a console and I am not paying a single cent <above what I pay for the internet> whereas if I stop paying for my xbox live/psnow subscription or let it run out then I lose contact with all my online friends. Free in my mind is better.

7. You have to upgrade your PC every single month.

You do not have to upgrade ‘every single month’ and those that do must have more money than brain cells.

I currently have a Core i5 3470K cpu and a Geforce GTX 660 TI video card (both about 5 years old or so). Only recently I had upgraded my ram to 16 gb (had started out with 4 gb). I also plan on getting a new GPU soon.

Also I can sell my old parts that I upgrade to offset the price of the new upgrade. That way I do not spend as much on my new build.


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